Be a Part of the 2358 Family! Application for Franchisees Open!
February 01, 2020

What is 2358?

The 2358 name is inspired by nature’s Fibonacci sequence, which translates to attractive, unique and well-thought merchandise. The brand itself is a global Korean fast-fashion retail chain with more than 1000+ stores worldwide. 2358 brings together selectively picked creative household items, general merchandise, health and beauty products, fashion accessories, digital appliances, exquisite bags, seasonal collection, jewellery series & other fast fashion goods.

Why choose 2358?

2358 is a well-established brand in Asia. The Indian audience is long known to be quality conscious and price sensitive. 2358’s entry in India aims to fulfill this gap by offering high-quality products at affordable prices. India is also one of the fastest growing markets in such FMCG goods and 2358 plans to open 200 stores by 2021. While the company planned to own most of its stores, no one has the cash flow to open so many stores so quickly. Hence, 2358 has opened its doors to franchising for a limited period of time.     Banner showing benefits of 2358 Franchising    

How much you can make?

You can make your investment back in 12-15 months compared to 24 – 36 months in other FMCG franchises. Our model estimates an annual return on investment of up to 36%.
Franchise Requirements
  • Franchise fee: INR 5 Lakhs
  • Capital Expenditure: INR 20-25 Lakhs
  • Stock Investment: INR 20-25 Lakhs
  • Total Expenditure: INR 45-55 Lakhs
Eligibility Criteria
  • High footfall areas – Malls and High street locations are ideal.
  • Minimum 15 feet front façade
  • Minimum 1200 sqft Carpet, recommended 1500 sqft carpet.
Own a franchise and find a reliable customer base in the Indian thrift shopping audience. You can easily get more information by clicking here or calling on +91-9811595329.