Franchising in India

Would you like to open your very own 2358 store in India? Email at- or call at- +91-9811595329 for queries related to franchising in India.


Meet us at VRP Telematics | office address- F-14, 1st Floor, Okhla-Phase 1, New Delhi -110020 (INDIA)

  • Franchise Fee: Rs. 5 Lac
  • Capital Expenditure : Rs. 20-25 Lacs
  • Stock Investment: Rs. 20-25 Lacs
  • Total Investment : Rs. 45-55 Lacs
  • High Footfall Areas – Malls & High Street Locations
  • Ground Floor
  • Single Plate
  • Minimum 15 ft Front Façade
  • Minium Size 1200 sqft Carpet, recommedded 1500 Sqft Carpet
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   The 2358 Store, The Global Korean Fast Fashion Brand, We are offering Business Opportunities and Franchise opportunities in India. The 2358 Store most profitable business, The Korean fast fashion at lowest price. Inviting Franchising 1000+ Store Globally, Low investment high returns! Investment Starting 45 Lacs!

   2358 Store is expanding fast in India and looking for Franchise partners for the “The 2358 Store”. Franchise Partners will be able to Sell 2358 range of products in their cities in the same international format across the world but at an affordable prices. The Key to this Business opportunities is Low Investment High returns. The fast fashion category also comes in the Top 10 Business opportunities in India, We are offering most profitable Business & Franchise in India.

   The 2358 Store, Korean Fast Fashion Brand brings to India the latest in Fashion at lowest price. Globally trending Korean cosmetics, full range of fashion accessories with international designs, Fashionable Jewellery, Wide portfolio for Home utilities & Home décor, kitchen utilities, Creative ideas for the home, Kids plush Toys, and also Digital Accessories. Offering Gifting Products & Fashion accessories Franchise in Pan India. The brand focuses on products which are of everyday use with the promise of high-quality & design at an affordable prices. Product designs are exquisite and absolutely trendy.