Confused about wireless and wired headphones? Here’s what you know need to know
May 12, 2020

A decent pair of headphones will last you years if you keep them and deal with them appropriately, so you need to ensure that you put your finance into the correct kind. Perhaps the greatest question individuals consider when purchasing another pair of headphones is whether to go with wireless Bluetooth devices or go with a wired pair. The two choices have their own set of merits and relying upon how you mean to use them, there’s one or the other best suited for you. The debate between the wired headphones and wireless headphones, along with wired and wireless earbuds have continued to warm the gossip stations since decades and is still continuing to do so but, to make a choice between both of them is critically difficult with not much of differentiation and lack of important parameters to make the difference. However, an informed choice is based upon the lifestyle of every individual and personal preference as:

Do you want headphones for enjoying music or talking for hours on the phone?

Are you looking for a headphone that can simplify your life while you workout at the gym or work at your home?

How comfortable are you with the hassles of a cord?

Is your search for a decent headphone or earbud dependable about the time you need them for, temporarily for a few months or for a longer period, per se?

These are some of the basic questions that you must adhere to before making a purchase of the headphone or earbud, which might also add up to growing complexity. Thankfully, we understand the struggle and confusion, and therefore, we bring to you a complete list of pros and cons of both, to help you make an informed decision.

Sound Quality: The distinction in sound quality between Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth earbuds and wired headphones or earphones has decreased over time; however some over the top audiophiles are still for the motion that a wired accessory sounds much more real than that with a Bluetooth connection. This might also be due to the fact that Bluetooth can deal with only a limited amount of information and sound over its signal that is lesser data than a standard connection via wires. A Bluetooth headphone is capable of sharing a maximum of 768 kbps of data while a normal wired headphone can support a maximum of 2,304 kbps, of course, that also depends upon the device catching the signal and the output ratio. While this certainly proves that a wired headphone works on a better sound quality paradigm, it is also true that most of the digital audio data do not exceed 256 kbps with the highest quality bitrate, not exceeding 320 to 521 kbps. The wiring system is not the only parameter that affects the sound quality; the brand of the digital accessory and its quality is also responsible for advanced sound quality for different manufacturers of these digital accessories that create multiple designs, each with different levels of equalization. Hence, even when there clearly exists a difference between the wired and wireless sound listening accessory, there are very minuscule chances of any difference that you might feel while listening to music.

The sweet note of freedom: Nothing is as blissful experience as listening to your favorite music, at the comfort of your routine, free from cluttering into wires. Having a headphone or an earbud that you can connect with the Bluetooth of your phone or computer, or tablet and enjoy listening to music or interesting conversation from a distance as huge as 50 feet, without having to worry about wires or disoriented signals, is quite a freedom that we all so dearly love in today’s era. It just makes everything and every day so much easier. Prior to this fascinating discovery, it was almost an inevitable part of the routine, to get earphones or headphones accidentally ripping off, each time they intertwined in a doorknob or table corner, or just about anything. Working out in the gym or undertaking everyday household chores or even listening to series and podcasts while comfortably snuggling in the bed, has all been made easier by wireless headphones, without struggling with the cords.

Longer battery life: A major full stop on the freedom provided by Bluetooth speakers, is in terms of battery life. Regardless of how long the battery life is rated on your pair of Bluetooth headphones or earbuds when it runs out, you certainly are out of luck.

Portability: While both Bluetooth headphones or earbuds and wired headphones or earphones are portable, their ease of usage depends upon the activity they are summoned for. For instance, if you are a jogger who loves to enjoy morning breeze while keeping yourself fit, amidst the sound of your favorite music then Bluetooth headphones or earbuds is a better and smarter choice to go with as it would prevent you from getting into the struggle of tangling in the wires, or earphones ripping out of your ears due to their wire getting stuck somewhere.

Compatibility with your present and future devices: Before making a purchase decision it is quintessential to consider the devices that you already have and the future devices that you might be interested in to invest in, which will be using an audio device. Once you are confident about the choice of your device, your choice of wired or wireless headphones should depend on it. For instance, if we are to follow the latest iteration made by the iPhone in its recent models, by removing the headphone jack, a Bluetooth headphone is the choice that you will have. Not only iPhone but many other mobiles producing agencies like HTC, are on their way to follow the same trend. With such transitions hitting the market on a daily basis, it is not difficult to say that it soon is going to be hard to buy a phone that supports a 3.5mm connection of wires, going forward. If you belong to the percentage of the population that majorly use headphones or earphones with the phone, then you are in for long and hard thought about what to choose - a wired headphone or a Bluetooth headphone or earbuds, that will prove to be beneficial and economical in the long run. However, if you belong to the class of people who use headphones more predominantly with laptops or tablets or computer then you mustn’t worry much about the disappearance of the headphone jacks, as that doesn’t seem to happen anytime soon. While preparing for the future is important, you should not forget about the technology that you are currently associated with, therefore it is not brainy to buy a pair of headphones or earphones that you might struggle to use perfectly even now.

So, while summing up the debate on wired headphones or Bluetooth headphones, the deciding factor is a personal preference, most often than not. Both of these digital accessories provide a plethora of benefits, struggling with their own set of cons but it is imperative to understand that you can not really go wrong with either of them and the choice should largely be a by-product of your budget, preference, and types of devices you deal with on a regular basis.