Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2020 under 2000
April 27, 2020

Everyone today has a love for music which leads to numerous Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth earphones, and Bluetooth headphones making it to the shopping list of almost everyone. But, to make a smart decision involving a choice of technology, should be based upon certain parameters. We have discussed all the important details that should be considered before making a purchase and some finest Bluetooth speakers of the year, under Rs. 2000, below.

1.Bluetooth Earpods: Earpods today is not merely sound enhancing devices, but they have emerged as a style statement as well. With many earpods adorning the market, it has become extremely crucial to consider some important points before making the purchase.

•Connectivity: A good earpod should always be created using the latest Bluetooth version to provide maximum musical bliss.

•Instant pairing: Only the best earpods can instantly pair with any device, it was once being paired to, without any hassle.

•Power: Earpods are the technological buds that work on electricity, hence while buying an earpod you should always stick to those who provide maximum power retention, with minimum charging requirement.

•Wireless bliss: The best in class earpods possess only the top-notch wireless ability with advanced touch controls, and built-in mic to facilitate easy and disturbance-free communication.

You can enjoy all of these premium features in Korean Bluetooth earpod, by The 2358 Store, available in two stylish colors and at just Rs. 2199 each.

2. Bluetooth Speaker: Speakers are the new generation escape from the real world. A good speaker provides comfort while working or merely passing time by allowing you to listen to your favorite. And, what can be better than a speaker that is not bounded by a wire, but is favored by Bluetooth technology. However, below are the benchmarks that should always be considered before buying a Bluetooth speaker:

•Connectivity: You should always opt for a speaker that has advanced Bluetooth technology, which connects to the PC or mobile in a jiffy, without any hassle. It should also have a large connectivity range, without degrading the quality of sound.

•Sound Quality: The best Bluetooth speakers are those that provide crisp vocals, rich sound, and pleasingly excellent bass. Its high tones should be audible, but not clingy or flat.

•Powerful life: A Bluetooth speaker that gains the stature of best among the audience is always the one with high power and longer life duration, which requires minimum charging support and also charges in the shortest span.

•Build & Quality: Speakers are also a way to translate your personality and likes. The speakers that are attractive, strong, and are infused with elegance, top the charts. The Bluetooth speakers available at The 2358 Store have all of these qualities and are available at a price as less as Rs. 1999.

3. Portable Speakers: The next favorites in the list are the speakers that are rich in sound quality and enhanced with portable size, making them exciting and luring. Certain prerequisites of buying a portable speaker are:

•Audio Quality: Even with a small size, the quality of sound can never be compromised, hence a good portable speaker should provide clear audio that is also punchy. At no point in time should it deliver a bass that might sound hollow or boomy.

•Good Connectivity: These speakers are smaller in size and hence are suitable within a comparatively smaller area, but it should provide clear sound, full connectivity, and hassle-free connection within the designated area.

•Easy to Carry & Operate: Being smaller in size should not reflect on the operational ability of these speakers and as such should allow easy operation with visible buttons on the front or side and should be light, thereby assessing in their carryout.

You can find these qualities & more in portable speakers available at The 2358 stores, for a price of Rs. 1999 only.

It’s time to shake some ground with amazing, top-class Bluetooth speakers and earbuds to enjoy non stop the music and to connect with your loved ones, hassle-free.