Brand History


2008 In 2008, a brand named Wenbo, the predecessor of 2358 was born with a complete focus on sale of electronic commerce, the monthly sales of which reached to hundreds of thousands RMB. Post that, the following year the volume of compress bags exceeded to 13 million in Taobao website, which was termed as "compression bag king" in the e-commerce industry. Meanwhile, the "Zhejiang Wen Bo daily products Co., Ltd." was established.

2010 Wenbo brand on the basis of the entire network sales, wenbo comprehensive B2C large department store was launched, wenbo brand VIS comprehensive upgrade.

2011 Wenbo brand had been in China central television channel 1, channel 4 and channel 7 (CCTV-1, CCTV-4, CCTV-7)carry on the omni-directional brand propaganda.

2012 During the "China brand dream show" held jointly by the China e-commerce association, Alibaba and the people's government of Guangdong province, Wenbo was awarded "one of the top ten global online brands in 2012".

2013 In Yiwu fair, the people's government of Yiwu had awarded this company "e-business demonstration unit", and Mr. Song Guanghui, chairman of the company, won "one of the top ten e-commerce leaders in Yiwu city". Mr. Song Guanghui, chairman of the company, won the title of "Entrepreneur talent" of Alibaba group, and "one of the top ten outstanding young people in Jinhua city".

2014 Mr. Song Guanghui, chairman of the company, talked to China's premier li keqiang as a representative of Yiwu city's small and medium-sized enterprises. In the same period, Mr. Song Guanghui, talked with li yifei, the leader of CPC in Yiwu city-1, in the cctv-2. The 2358 chain brand was planning operation. By the end of December there were already 20 stores. Mr. Song Guanghui, chairman of the company, won the "one of the top ten outstanding young e-commerce companies in Yiwu city".

2016 The 2358 global chain franchisees have exceeded 600 shops and the Wenbo brand regional exclusive agent had officially started business invitation.

2017 Finally, in the year 2017, the retail outlet of 2358 headquarters flagship store was opened in Yiwu creative park, attracting domestic and foreign franchisees.

Our Factory

2358 fashion and lifestyle store was the first to implement global sourcing. 30% of our products are from South Korea, 70% of them from places such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China. We curate fashion tangibles including creative home decor accessories, classic lifestyle merchandise, health and beauty, digital accessories, fashion jewelry, cultural gifts etc. to provide consumers with one-stop shopping solutions.

Pursuing the philosophy of life that originated from nature, 2358 advocates exquisite parity, sleek simplicity, fast and innovative product ideas. They are determined to serve affordable fashion products to let customers enjoy shopping at 2358!

Product Application

The company’s products are exquisite, affordable, fashionable and innovative. The product line keeps pace with Milan and Italy style designs. Our independent research and development team has worked for many industry patents and has won several national certifications.

Our Certificate

MR.Song Guanghui (Chinese)
China's leading Internet merchants
President of the Yiwu network business association, China.
Chairman of Zhejiang Wen Bo commodity Co., Ltd.
Chairman of Zhejiang Han Shang flexible package Co., Ltd.
Chairman of Zhejiang Ji Zhi Dao Home Furnishing Co. Ltd.

Chairman of Lv Can international trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
One of the top ten e-commerce leaders in the Yiwu city.
One of the top ten most prominent young people in Jinhua city.
Honorary President of e-business training college of jiyuan city, yiwu city E-business demonstration unit.
Entrepreneurial talent in the Alibaba website.

Warehousing Center

The 42,000 square meters of self-built industrial parks provide customers with superior quality and sufficient quantity of goods.

Store Presence

China (700+ Stores)
India (12 Stores)

  • * Thailand (7 stores)
  • * Iraq (6 stores)
  • * Indonesia (2 stores)
  • * Russia (6 stores)
  • * Saudi Arabia ( 1 store)
  • * Singapore (2 stores)
  • * Malaysia (16 stores)
  • * Philippines (5 stores)
  • * Vietnam (13 stores)
  • * Brunei (2 stores)
  • * Pakistan (2 stores)
  • * Mongolia (3 stores)
  • * Qatar (2 stores)
  • * Mexico (3 stores)
  • * Bahrain (1 store)
  • * Morocco ( 1 store)
  • * Azerbaijan (1 store)
  • * Ukraine (1 store)

Our Services

Exclusive ten advantages for the partners:
1. Products: product positioning precision, independent research and development.
2. Brand: unified standard image and brand promotion.
3. Earnings: disruptive marketing, faster return of capital and greater profit margins.
4. Resources: the 42,000 square meters of self-built industrial parks provide customers with superior quality and sufficient quantity of goods.
5. Technology: to set the standard for the peers to provide intelligent software and personalized system for partner.
6. Business school: a professional team of lecturers from Guanghui Business School trains problems and solutions for 24 hours.
7. Output of the whole store: from site selection and supply of goods to the supervisor's continuous service ensures that franchisees start their business successfully.
8. Business circle protection: the best business circle protection policy to enjoy the exclusive right of business in the department store industry.
9. Distribution service: the independent logistics center completes the delivery service in time.
10.Corporate culture: integrity, honesty, assistance, sharing, change, creation.

At the moment, India’s target consumers are hungry but don’t have the ability to regularly consume luxury brands. Therefore, the Indian market urgently needs such a brand where the products are exquisite, close to life, fashionable, high in leisure, simple and can support the enterprise to maintain the position of the industry leader and broad development space. The fast iteration of fashionable and low-priced products meets the needs of these people. Coming from South Korea, the brand envisioned to enter the fast fashion department store sector while integrating into the fashion culture of India. Since more people in India live in quasi-consumer group i.e. 18 to 35 years old, 2358 brand is becoming popular in India.

With the launch of a new batch of high-quality and low-priced product lines each week, 2358 wants its customers to “experience luxury” and “connect with the real life”. Fast fashion focuses on consumers’ demands and understanding of product quality. Catering to the consumers of fast fashion products with innovative design concept, the brand stimulates the young consumer groups to make impulsive purchasing. The 2358, is not only a trend but also a happy lifestyle to let consumers enjoy the fast and fashionable shopping experience in a wonderful atmosphere.

Mr.Song Guanghui(Chinese)

President of the Yiwu Network Business Association, China.
Chairman of ZheJiang Wen Bo Commodity Co. Ltd.
Chairman of ZheJiang Han Shang Flexible Package Co. Ltd.
Chairman of ZheJiang Ji Zhi Dao Home Furnishing Co. Ltd.
Chairman of Lv Can International Trade (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
One of the top ten e-commerce leaders in the Yiwu city.
One of the top ten most prominent young people in Jinhua city.

Honorary President of e-business training college of Jiyuan city , Yiwu city e-business demonstration unit Entrepreneurial talent in the Alibaba website.
He led the Wenbo team of 12 people to participate in the “China brand dream show of 2012” organized by the Alibaba corporation and China electronic commerce association and won “Global top 10 internet brands in 2012” and was called “the king of compression bags” by the industry.

2358 is Korea’s leading fast fashion brand strongly advocating on creating a magnetic charm with its colorful theme and adorable content of international trendy products for a quality life. The company’s strategy is to offer customers with the latest trends in the Korean fashion. The brand focuses on products which are of everyday use with the promise of high-quality build at affordable prices and product designs which are exquisite & absolutely trendy. With around 770+ stores worldwide, the brand is widely popular among patron’s who emulate the classic consumption trend.

Behind this classic numerical brand name of number pattern 2358, driven from the popular Fibonacci sequence, there goes a close association with Nature’s code of perfection where one can relate to attractive, unique and well thought merchandise. Meeting perfect designs; beauty in everyday tangible items either in the aesthetics or the functional inspiration, there seems to be an ideal reflection showing the magic equation inspired by nature. So many natural patterns reflect the Fibonacci sequence like the array of seeds in the center of a sunflower where one can notice spiral patterns curving left and right. The sequence frequently appears in the nature for example, lilies and irises have three petals, buttercups and wild roses have five, delphiniums have eight petals and so on. All this beautifully magnifies the God’s creation. Keeping pace with the same beauty, design and perfection at its best, 2358 is a kind of built-in numbering system to the universe of selling high quality products, with unmatched shopping experience and strictly following the values of fashion, price and creativity.

2358 bridges the gap for the shopping enthusiasts by letting them experience a new and happy environment of one-stop shopping destination. Pioneering the vision to deliver quality products at affordable pricing, 2358 brings together selectively picked creative household items, general merchandise, health and beauty products, fashion accessories, digital appliances, exquisite bags, trendy jewelry etc. with the promise to fulfill every customer’s need. 2358 dedicatedly strives to provide the consumers with ‘triple S’ strategy of serving smarter, simpler and snugly products.

Abiding the principle of bringing the best from around the globe, 2358 cater almost 70% of its merchandise from China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan ,Thailand and 30% from South Korea. It is a brand that is close to nature & will soon be to customer’s heart as well, for enriching their life with valuable fashion at pocket friendly price, meeting quality standards and creativeness. The brand’s philosophy of providing healthy, safe & environment friendly products is transparently visible whether it is in the quality of raw material used, the production standards followed or how the goods are packaged.

At 2358 we exist to bridge the gap between the customers who chase contemporary trend. We provide all our dear patrons with an unmatched experience of quality, variety and uniqueness at pocket friendly prices. Committed to bring happiness and a big smile on their face and a twinkling sparkle in their eyes, we serve our customers with the treasure of perfection inspired from nature. Keeping pace with the sweeping fast fashion industry around the world, we ensure our product lineup surely stands upon delightful and surprising range. Implementing global sourcing, where 30% of our products are from South Korea & 70% of them from countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China, we imbibe trendy fashion culture that the world has to offer, allowing us to cater top notch fashionable stuff, to our dear customers.

Why Choose Us

2358 brings shoppers high-quality, stylish and affordable designer products through a wide range of product categories including skincare & cosmetics, home furnishings, digital accessories, stationery, kitchenware and more.

High quality & creative products

2358 has always upheld the philosophy and design concept of “simple, natural and high quality”. The products undergo rigorous screening before being passed on to go to the display in stores.


2358 dedicates itself to providing customers with quality and creative products at affordable prices; with most products costing as low as Rs. 20/-.

Better shopping experience

The stores have an immaculate interior, with neat aisles and easy-to-navigate spaces. New stocks items are periodically added to the store, making your experience better!