5 tips to organize your home
April 24, 2020

Having an organized home is such a happy thought. Who doesn’t love walking in the front door, taking a deep breath, and thinking wow, my home is organized and I know where everything is. Funny right? For most of us this is certainly not the case. Day to day life gets in the way and organization tends to fall to the back burner. A personal organizer isn’t faced with an easy task when tackling their client’s homes. They create a personalized solution that works for each individual and family to help create an easier, not to mention more organized day to day life. Sometimes all you need is that second set of hands and eyes to help create the beautifully organized home you’ve been in visioning in your mind. These five tips are a foolproof way to get the kick start on the organization that your home deserves. Need more advice for your interior? Here are some tips.

1. Organize then buy

“Organize first, then buy product or chose a house interior design. It’s important to buy product intentionally – for a specific purpose. And product really makes a huge difference. The biggest tip here is when you think you’re buying too much, you’re not – as long as every bin, divider, and label has a purpose. Product is necessary to sustain the system put in place.”

Organization doesn’t have to be boring! Incorporating bins is a great way to bring in depth and dimension to a furniture piece. It keeps all the contents under the bathroom vanity organized and tidy looking, or keep your console table looking chic as ever while still having everything you need easily accessible. You can get some amazing bins at the 2358 store!

2. Start in a small area

If you’re unorganized across the board, start with one small area – maybe a linen closet or your pantry. Pull every single item out (Every. Single. Thing.). This creates a blank canvas for you and then start with putting things you use most often just below eye level, heavy items closer to the bottom and items used not as much up high.

3. Declutter

People are keeping too much “stuff.” Get yourself into the mindset of cleansing, employ a friend that will hold you accountable, and remember that most things are replaceable. A de-cluttered home is a happy home, as some like to say. Ask yourself, what does this mean to me? Is it adding value and meaning to my life? Do I need it?

4. Label

Label, Label, Label – this is the last step and it often gets left off. Labeling your bins and drawers makes sure that anybody that uses your space knows where to put things back, but it also helps you, when life gets crazy, to remember what was on that shelf or what was in that canister.

5. Donate

This is typically where people get hung up and then those items they decided to donate slowly make their way back in the closet. Take a box with 2358 and fill it with the things you no longer need, attach a prepaid label you print from a website, schedule a pickup or drop in at any NGO to donate all of your extra stuff.


You are all set to a beautiful and tidy home.