12 Must have Makeup Essentials
April 26, 2020

The makeup business has been in motion since time immemorial. Over a recent period, the consumer preferences have shifted towards makeup products that provide a more natural look by also having skincare advantages. Regardless of whether you're a makeup amateur or have been exploring different avenues of makeup & beauty for a while, it's vital to have an assortment with makeup fundamentals that will help you to create a go-to everyday look. In this article, you will find makeup products to last you every cosmetic battle, whether you’re a freshman, learning makeup tricks for the first time, or an experienced artist, looking to swipe in some gaps in your collection.

The essential list of makeup products for eyes, face, and lips as well as brushes & tools to apply them are:

Face cleanser & nourisher: Before applying any makeup, you should always cleanse your face and rejuvenate the skin cells for the inner glow. There are numerous masks, gels and peel off pads available nowadays to give your skin a healthy shine, like lime coke peeling pad and peeling gel available on The 2358 Store.

Primer: The next step, after the face is properly cleansed and nourished, is to smooth out the canvas, that is your face with a generous application of primer. It also helps in keeping your makeup look fresh all day long.

Foundation: This is the hardest part of any makeup routine, as a good foundation base is largely responsible for determining the result of your makeup. It is especially hard because it requires understanding your skin tone and buying a foundation shade exclusively suited for it, understanding your undertone and then deciding upon the type of coverage you’re looking for, i.e, natural, medium, or full.

Concealer: Once your makeup base is ready, the next step is to conceal any undertone, dark circle, and skin discoloration with a concealer.

Blush: Blush is a magic wand that can almost instantly transform any look for the better. It not only gives a colorful uplift to your face but also helps in highlighting your cheekbones, and natural contour points of your face. A blush can never go wrong!

Highlighter: Available in different forms, as powder, gel, and liquid, this item is yet again extremely important and a favorite of almost everyone that helps in highlighting the most adorable and beautiful areas of your face.

Eyeshadow: A good eyeshadow palette in a makeup stash is a must to set the right tone of your makeup. Whether you’re looking for a natural look or a dramatic appearance, an eyeshadow can do that for you.

Eyeliner: To add that extra punch in your makeup for creating an unmatched look, eyeliner is the answer. Available in gel and liquid format, an eyeliner gives the complete look, even with a single stroke. You can buy some long-lasting liners in any format at The 2358 Store.

Mascara: It has the superpower of adding volume and opening up your eyes for a brighter look.

Eyebrow set: You can always shine like a pro by uplifting your eyebrow game. In an eyebrow set, you have an eyebrow brush to straighten out eyebrow hair in a shape you want, a pencil to smoothen out the shape and an enhancer to enhance the color of your eyebrows. You can shop them all at an affordable price from The 2358 Store.

Lip Liner: A lip liner is one of the most important items that can reside inside your makeup bag. A matching lip liner helps in highlighting the shape of your lips for best, ensures long wearability of lipsticks, and saves lipstick from smudging.

Lipstick & Lip Tint: Once your lips are shaped right with a lip liner, a lipstick is a makeup essential that is enough to create a gorgeous and breathtaking look. You can also add shine on your lips with a lip tint.

With these makeup products in your treasure box, you can create any look as per your heart’s desire in absolutely no time; but for a perfect makeup look a perfect set of makeup brushes and applicators are as essential as these products. Different brushes perform different duties of applying, blending, highlighting, and uplifting the desired area with the desired product. You can create your perfect makeup set with the products and brand that suits your skin the most.