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About Us

At the moment, the Indian audience is hungry but doesn’t have the ability to regularly consume fast-fashion brands. Therefore, the Indian market urgently needs a brand where the products are unique, close to life and fashionable, which could support the enterprise to maintain its position as the industry leader and broaden the development space. The fast iteration of fashionable and low-priced products meets the needs of these people. Coming from South Korea, the brand seeks to enter the fast-fashion department store sector while integrating into the fashion culture of India. Since more people in India live in the quasi-consumer group i.e. 18 to 35 years old, The 2358 Store brand is becoming popular in India.

About Fibi

Hi, I’m Fibi. I am a 20 years old girl from Korea. So, I have recently moved from Korea to India and while I love Indian food and fashion, I started missing my Korean lifestyle with all its cute, stylish and trendy essentials. That’s when I met 2358, an amazing international fashion & lifestyle brand, now open in India. This store has just everything,from everyday cute mugs to helpful car accessories, from colorful wallets to ever trendy bags, and a lot many things, all with a touch of Korean style. Being in a youthful age myself with a bold and classy attitude, I knew this is just the right place for my everyday essentials. Hence, I came into recognition as The Brand Evangelist of 2358. This is Me!